Joy of Life


Welcome to the 21st century, where all of your thoughts are mine and all of mine are yours. In a world where we’re one swipe away from being instilled with a dark and dangerous fear of missing out and what we need in our lives is defined by what others already have, we tend to forget what’s of utmost value (and no, I’m not talking about expensive items – Apple, I’m looking at you) – the joy of life. Now I know it isn’t exactly rocket science – then why does it take some of us years and so many mistakes to figure that out? Instead of sharing Instagram pictures of how you’re sipping overpriced champagne from your 5 star hotel suite’s mini-bar, how about handing out some of that basic wisdom?

In this ostentatious world, we spend a significant time of our lives being told that we must find ourselves and consequently define ourselves that we’ll know how to be truly happy- and the path to this discovery is for those who found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But what if that’s not the right answer?

As my bags filled up the night before we decided to leave, there was no itinerary. It would be a simple trip and perhaps that wouldn’t be enough to learn more about myself. As a girl from the hills, I wondered what kind of awe Banff would be able to instil in me with the familiar picturesque. I was going to live in a friend’s log cabin and probably just walk around a lot. I needed to acquire my own epiphany that would be the tipping point of my life- the spark to the fire I shall soon call my life – but this trip wasn’t going to be it.

I was so wrong.

My five days were over far too fast and one post on Banff shall not suffice. What I was taking back was not a shopping bag full of souvenirs but a headful of memories of the simplest kinds and these deserved to be shared – every single moment at a time (Be it us laughing over beaver nipples or discovering bear caves). Over the next few days I shall be discovering Banff one place at a time right here on my blog.

My trip ended with plaintive cries not because I was upset that it was all over. This time, it wasn’t about leaving nor about the views (although I must admit, those were phenomenal). It was because sometimes there is comfort in chaos and Banff was nothing if not an unplanned mess. But it was that very unstable nature of the trip that made it so memorable and undeniably close to the heart.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like a happy handful!
    Would love to visit someday!


  2. oosorio456 says:

    Traveling is a good recipe for a wonderful life


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