The Best of Saint-Malo, France

Saint-Malo has many things to offer. From quaint cafes to phenomenal views, here is the best of Saint-Malo:

grand be-2
View of Saint-Malo from the Grand Bé by Jean-Christophe Woodland

Climb up the Grand Bé:
Be sure to check high tides and low to make a quick trip up Grand Bé. We missed out and we couldn’t regret it more.



Phare Môle des Noires

Walk toward the red and white lighthouse. When halfway down the path, turn around for a majestic view of the remnants of Saint-Malo’s fortress.



Sunset at Fort de la Raine and Plage du Bon Secours
Breathe in the serenity Saint Malo has to offer.



La Java (Moderately priced)
3 rue Sainte Barbe35400, Saint-Malo, France
+33 2 99 56 41 90

Not for the faint hearted, this bar is cramped tight with dolls from India, South Africa, Argentina and beyond. While the barman has come under certain fire for his demeanour, the place itself makes up for it. Expect to pay €5 on average for a drink.

An authentic and unique art gallery at 1 Place Brevet run by an amiable Frenchman who chuckles with every piece of history he shares with you.

Port des Sablons:

Walk along the beach to watch families unwind. Reach the end of the port to stand along with the English Channel and for a panoramic view of the coastline of Dinard.


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