The Best of Lake Como, Italy


From the small flower shops to the majesty of the mountains that cup in their palms a blurry glimpse of the sky, Lake Como has so much to offer. Whether you’re looking for a place to fall in love with or to be in a place with someone you fell in love with – Como is at your service. While it has sharply risen in popularity among tourists, as is the case with most unique Italian ‘scapes – the lake and its surrounding coastal towns deserve the attention. If you can shut out the noise, this place is sure to etch its place in your memories. Here is the best of Lake Como:




While other towns on Lake Como are teeming with tourists, this town maintains a relative distance. With lakeside restaurants and views that contend with its other Italian counterparts on the Lake, it becomes a much calmer alternative. If you miss your childhood, be sure to visit Parco Pubblico della Malpensata for a trampoline park with the most stunning views.




Riva Grande, Varenna at Sunset 

If you go past the narrow passages, ignore the lavender and souvenir shops and make your way here, you’re bound to meet locals as tourists leave after a day trip to the town. You’re sure to understand why Lake Como is as popular as it is once you look around.




The Ferry Rides

Perhaps one of the most underrated facets of travelling is the commute. It is seen as cumbersome and unnecessary by most – and Lake Como is here to prove that wrong. Perhaps some of my favourite views were from the ferries – showcasing little homes and sloping roofs nestled in the hills. Be sure to keep your eyes off your screens for this one.



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